On Job Training is an important stepping stone in the process of enhancing one's credentials as it provide one an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during a degree / diploma programs to real-life industry situations. They are a platform for students to gain a realistic view of personal growth objectives and understand their strengths and weaknesses in an organizational context. "Potential employers look at your experience before your qualifications to assess your employability. Hence, pursuing an On Job Training during / after a degree course can hugely increase your employability prospects."

Benefit to Candidates:

  1. Candidates as a NEEM trainee undergoes extensive “on the job training” in an industry, which would enhance his employability.
  2. Apart from monthly stipend the essential facilities such as canteen, uniform, safety shoes, insurance etc will be given to each student of on job training as per company policy.
Consolidated Stipend: Approved Minimum Wages for unskilled category under applicable Act (State Wise) + WC Policy Premium
  • Gaining confidence in abilities : Practice makes perfect. If trainees learned about a specific technique in the classroom, they are able to test it out in the world of work. Then they will be much more equipped with the technique.
  • Develop Contacts : Working with professionals, the trainee will tap into a network that can offer references, advice and information about new technologies.
  • Focused Career Direction : The trainee will be able to explore his/ her subject preferences and develop it into a career.
  • Employability Enhancement Program (EEP) : All trainees will be offered cloud based training of EEP programs.
  • Convert training into a Future Job : After completion of On Job Training & working experience students becomes a preferred choice of any recruiter in the coming year.

Advantages of On Job Training before going for actual employment:
  • application of classroom education (both academic and technical) in real-world setting
  • Assessment of interests, aptitudes, and abilities while training about available career possibilities.
  • Enhancement of post training employment opportunities
  • Development and practice of positive work-related habits and attitudes including the ability to think critically, solve problems, work in teams, and resolve issues
  • Assessment and understanding of the expectations of the workplace
  • Establishment of professional contacts for future employment
  • Expansion and refinement of technical skills
  • Participation in authentic, job-related tasks
  • Observation of the demeanor and procedures of workplace professionals.

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